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Repairing HAARP Damage

March 10, 2006

Today we have been called forth to inform you of what we are doing in spirit to balance the planet. My friends have spoken to you of the need for balance at this time, and many from my realm along with what you call extra-terrestrials are working diligently on repairing the grid system on your planet.

Needless to say, we consider this an emergency and have called upon all our resources to determine what, if anything, we can do at this moment in time. A hole has been made in the electromagnetic cover around the planet which is part of the grid system that keeps the spin of the Earth in a steady, balanced progression.

Presently there has also been damage to what would look like netting to you. This netting is right beneath the ionosphere. It cannot be detected with your instruments that measure electrical current which some call Schumann Resonance, but this web or netting protects the Earth from lightning strikes. This means that even though you see lightning in the sky and sometimes see it strike the Earth, most of the electrical current is siphoned off to dissipate along this netting.

We approach a period of time when electrical activity will be increasing. Too many lightning strikes in one place, especially if they appear in the places where the netting is destroyed, will deplete the ozone layer in that place.

We are repairing this netting, and we note that those working with HAARP are in the process of reactivating their transmissions after a period of inactivity. We believe this netting will be repaired in time before their new plans are activated.

We approach a period of time where possibility approaches the doorway of probability. Soon we will ask for your thoughts delivered in a certain frame to stop these possibilities from becoming a probability.

All of us have addressed the matter of human consciousness, and we will reiterate that the mind holds powers that you do not even understand. Your mind is the faucet of creation. Turned on, it can allow the completion of thoughts or it can short-circuit the implementation of thoughts that are undesirable and not to be allowed upon the planet.

This is one such time when your creative thoughts are needed to countermand what has been sent out in the controlling thoughts of your government. They have brought forth energies which have hardened with their thoughts, and this is, indeed, causing havoc on the creative processes of Earth.

We send special blessings to all who will help us in our meditations. We will be requesting your aid soon, as the deeds of your military, if not changed, will soon be apparent on your planet.

Mother Theresa


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Keywords" content="Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth,