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 Weeping Statue of Virgin Mary

The Plea of Our Mother

I have tried to call my children in the United States in Sacramento, California, but the interest has waned. Red rivers of blood came forth from my statue, but the church representatives would not test the blood on the statue to indicate if it were human blood or just a red dye placed there by some individual who wanted to get attention. I am trying very hard to have my children notice me and return to their faith and get closer to their God-selves, but I wasn’t successful.

Again, I have tried another country, and perhaps they will believe. And I might say that in Malta the church leaders did test the blood on the statue and declared that it was, indeed, human. Hopefully, this information will spread around the globe, but I do not think so. This will stay a local oddity. Imagine, I show signs of my motherly love to my children, and the world calls this a local oddity.

Times are quickly upon you that the Earth beneath your feet will be disruptive. I cry out to you to be in love, as that is the only force that will save you from great destruction. I do not come to have you mouth signs of ritual and express belief systems of dogma, but rather I come to engender the force of love within your hearts. It is the open heart that will protect you. It is your heart full of love that will open your connection to your I AM Presence which will lead you to safety.

You see the devastation in the Midwest from recent tornadoes and you sigh and are glad that this destruction did not come to your community. But I say to you that there will no community that will not feel the pain of weather changes and then finally feel the Earth move beneath your feet.

I have tried everything that I can to get your attention. I told you earlier that the northern lights were the beginning signs of these changes. Those who understand how the sun spot activity that comes through to your planet brings forth energy that allows the solar rain to express itself in the aurora borealis will find my words enlightening.

I do not warn unless there is a reason for me to come to you with words and phenomena. I do not do this for myself, but rather for you. I have accomplished my destiny. I am here sending forth my messages for your protection. It is very disheartening as a mother to have her children ignore her. Yet this is what happens every day; I am ignored.

I have associated myself with members of the Roman Catholic Church, as it is a force of great numbers when compared to the world population. Therefore, I have worked through this organization even though they have changed my son’s words to suit their own agenda. However, I am more than that. I am more than a messenger for the Catholic Church. I am your mother. All the people on Earth are under my protection and I am the Queen of Heaven. I work with my son whom you know as Jesus, and Earth is of great interest to him in his desire to protect all of you.

I write these words for your benefit. I come, and all I ask is for you to turn within and open your heart to love. That is all I ask. Speak to me and my son. Invite us as part of your lives. Take the time to come close to us. We are not here because your attention flatters us. We are here because we love you and for no other reason.

We stand here together, my son and myself, and we watch. You, our children, go about your daily chores and you earn your money, complain about the high costs of living, and yet you do not invite your God and us into your lives. You do not open the door of your hearts to our presence.

I say to you that the time will come when you will rush to your God and it will be too late, as it takes an energy connection through repetition and what you call habit to connect to this force. You will cry out, but you will not know how to cooperate with this energy to receive the direction that will save your Earthly forms from what you call death.

We know that the soul does not die, but if you want to go to the next level of spiritual attainment with your physical body, then you must know how to not only connect to your God within, but how to advance your vibrational rate. For those who do not understand vibrational rate, as it is not a term used in your religious dogma, it is the ability to control the spin of the electrons in your body. No one can teach you. They can direct you to this doorway and tell you that it exists, but controlling the electrons and their spin as they exist in your physical body can only be practiced as it relates to love. Only love can open your heart and only love can teach you how to do this by doing. No one can do this for you, not even myself.

So I come to you again today. I warn you. I am giving you all the information that I can give. You must stop and you must contemplate your God within and desire to move closer to your soul force. Your angels can help you do this if you are not able to do this yourself. You have all the keys, and I am here to tell you that time is growing short.

This hurricane season will see very intense storms, and they will not follow exactly the paths of last year. There will be other communities that will feel the devastation of what seems like Earth going into a destructive mode. She is only clearing herself of what has been inflicted upon here.

You cannot see the collection of energy that comes from faulty thinking and war-like activity and the planning of those in power to control the masses. If you could see this planet from my perspective, you would see vast areas of dense, dark energy so that it contracts and appears like thick ugly glue. Humanity walks in this sludge, and they are not aware that there is a way to free themselves from this ugliness.

You see some of the smog in the physical and you see the results of the acid rain and you see some of the dirty waters that form your rivers, especially in the cities, yet you do not notice how this affects your body, because symptoms take a long time to surface.

But I say to you that you work and walk in impure air, put contaminants into your physical bodies that the drug companies have educated you to think are good things, and you eat what you call food, yet your bodies are not nourished; they must struggle to clear away the toxins that your processing and food packaging plants have placed in them.

You are so busy racing to each place that you consider part of your schedule that you have forgotten to stop and see lively-colored flowers gently bobbing in the breeze. You have forgotten what it is like to see birds building their nests, laying eggs that break open to new life, or what it is like to be enveloped in a pristine forest.

For the most part, you have completely disconnected yourself from the nature of this planet. You have disconnected yourself from your mother. The Earth is your mother; you are a part of her and she is a part of you. The two of you cannot exist without each other. There is a synergy between you that you have forgotten. You languish in your loneliness and so does she, as you have abandoned her.

If only I could touch you on the shoulder and say, “Wake up, I love you and you need to recognize your God,” but I cannot do this. I can only place human blood on statues and send you these messages through those who are willing to take my messages and give them to you.

If you would only open up your hearts to your God, you could hear your God respond and hear me, but then you would not need this warning. You would be connected to the vast energies of your world and your soul.

I am waiting. Time is growing short. Do not set this message aside. It might be important to your physical life.




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