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Spiritual Hierarchyís Plan Regarding HAARP

Kuan Yin

March 9, 2006

This will seem like the dark night of the soul and the dark night of the planet. The Earth is working on her renewal, and the energies that were promised are being shepherded to you. We stand in the background and watch the machinations of all of the forces that do not want to see you succeed in moving to the next band of life.

This is true because these forces understand that when you leave, your light will not be available to them for their use. These forces take your light, unbeknownst to you. We call it pirating of the light. They know how to use the light and energy from the sun, but to do so would mean that they would have to acknowledge God. They would have to be aligned with their Creator, and this they will not do.

Some have come forth to make this change, and they are accepted into the light. However, there are not enough going through this transformation, and they set up this struggle because they believe they fight for their existence.

There are some who take pride in their knowledge. Their viewpoint is twisted; they believe that discovery of physical laws somehow makes them equal with the Creator. Creator brings forth Its knowledge into the known and expects souls to use this knowledge in a prudent manner. Indiscriminate use of powerful Earth science means that these individuals, instead of bringing forth protection for those inhabiting this planet, tinker with forces they donít really understand, and destruction can be foisted on the creative lines of balance.

Understand this. God called forth the manifestation of this Earth, but there is more to this call, as creation must be sustained in order to stay in form. This is true everywhere. Creating is only one part of ability; your creation must be supported.

You build a house, and you are aware that this house must be maintained. If not, over a course of time, the roof will wear down and water will leak into the interior. The house will slowly decay and eventually fall into disrepair and collapse. This is true with how spirit creates; all creation must be sustained after it is brought into form.

Each of my companions has taken a moment to express concern about the damage that is occurring to your planet through the indiscriminate use of what is being called HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Project).

We have mentioned that these energies have been ramped up; there are additional facilities being put into operation and there are plans for more of these centers. Your military intends to build facilities of this nature spaced around the world. They plan to build these antennas in every conceivable place that they can find where the people will not offer resistance to their project.

You understand that sending vast amounts of standing waves of electricity into the ionosphere acts like a knife cutting into this protective layer. The antenna might be stationary at the Earth location, but the Earth is revolving. As the Earth revolves, these high-pitched waves slice large swaths of openings into this layer. [Note: The ionosphere ranges from about 40 to 600 miles above Earthís surface.]

Atlantis fell many years ago because the scientists of that day misused inventions of technological warfare. These same individuals have come forth again and are repeating their misdeeds.

God gives souls an opportunity to correct their errors. Instead of using this opportunity to correct past errors, these souls have turned their back on their Creator and have repeated their past mistakes.

This is your governmentís plan. However, your leader, Archangel Michael, has told you in the past that when possibilities enter the entranceway of probability, these plans or thought patterns can be changed. The results can be mitigated. This is what we have been discussing in the past. Human thought can influence what comes forth through the doorway of human design, along with natural forces at play, as long as the natural world is not answering a call from the divine.

We gather you and we inform you. If you will answer our call and cooperate with us, this possibility can be changed. This is our plan and this is your call.

Lady Kuan Yin,

Member of the Karmic Board and Doorway of Destiny.

Carolyn Evers



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Keywords" content="Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth,