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A Call to Cooperate With Us

Mother Isis
March 8, 2006

I stand with my friends and I have come to offer my guidance. You see, each goddess figure works with a particular ray of endeavor, and when we all put our efforts together, the combination of all of our abilities performs a function of a standing white ray which duplicates the light that shines forth from your soul.

Therefore, what we constitute in cooperation, in effect, not only duplicates what you bring forth, but the two working together multiply to an intensity which more than doubles your efforts.

This reflects words of Jesus the Christ, wherein he said that, “When two or more are gathered in my name,” the result more than doubles. This is an axiom of creation itself. Creation is mathematical and it is electrical. When energy is focused at the heart of a sacred geometrical shape, each change in direction within that shape is like compounding the result to the next higher mathematical power.

White light has a component that is unique. If you allow the rays of the sun to hit a prism, you notice that the reflection that comes forth duplicates the rainbow. You are shown in this that the basic rays when joined together produce white light. You haven’t found a way to duplicate this in your world. You have light when you turn on an electrical switch, but you are not producing white light as it comes through the sun.

Depending on what type of light you create, if it nears the white color spectrum it will produce shades that are off-color from the light that comes from the sun. What passes through the sun supports life; what is produced by mechanical means usually saps energetic life from the physical. You have observed that sitting too long under certain lights saps your energy, and you experience fatigue. Standing in the sunlight, or even observing sunlight, invigorates you.

I am discussing light because you can direct light with your thoughts. When you are asked to focus your attention on a body part, Earth herself, or another individual, you are actually sending particles of white light. This is a form of creation in its early stages of manifestation. You are not creating form in this instance, but rather sustaining form that has already been created.

In the next dimension, you will be able to create form; in this dimension you will only sustain form. Yes, in this dimension of hard solids and gases you can build with materials of the Earth, but usually you cannot bring form out of nothingness.

I am repeating what others have said in another manner. You have been asked to meditate and send thoughts of love and support for many reasons. I am trying to explain to you why this works and why it is so important.

When you are asked to meditate and change possibilities as they approach the doorways of probabilities, you really are being asked to support those creations that the creative forces have brought forth from nothingness.

Soon you will be asked by Archangel Michael to direct your thoughts in a particular manner. At these designated moments, understand that I, along with the other Earth goddesses, will join you.

We have not joined you in such a joint venture in the past, but it is necessary now. The dark is taking a different approach to its patterns of control, and it is affecting this planet in a destructive manner.

We have lived with you on this beautiful planet in the past, and we hold great love and esteem for her structures. It took a very long time to plan the structures of this planet. After the plan was completed, a ball of gases came forth which took time to coalesce. It took uncountable years for this gas to whirl and compact, and many more years for temperatures to be sustained to support the life that you find here.

There was much effort needed to plan, produce, and support all of the diverse forms found here, and what became the final result was something that was not only pleasing to the sight and the emotions, but is something of beauty that is not duplicated anywhere in this solar system.

There is life supported on the other planets, but it is not of this nature. We prize the beauty that is found here. I have traveled to other universes and have resided on other planets that support life, and I always find a peaceful spot in my heart for the memories of living here.

I, along with others, stand beside you, and we gather here with new arrivals coming every day. Individually we have great power. In a united force, supporting you with your abilities to sustain and support life, we are irresistible.

My desire today is to impart the fact that you will be called upon to join forces with this cadre of Earth goddesses. We hope that you will take our words seriously, because you are needed in a fashion that you may not be aware of. Your future may depend on your supporting efforts. What form you take and where you exist may very well depend upon your cooperation with us.

These words are of the very most sincere and solemn intention. I have come far to answer my call. I believe that my work is needed at this moment, as is your cooperation. This is a defining moment in the history of your planet.

Mother Isis


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Keywords" content="Archangel Michael's Earth History. Angel Pics, angel drawings, history, earth,