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It Is I, Athena

I Hold the Door Open for You


March 7, 2006

I extend my blessings to you, my children. It has been a long time since I have contacted you. I have been in other dimensions working on projects for Melchizedek.

Just recently he has called me back to assist in his plan to hold a space which will, in effect, protect the Earth. As others who you are calling Earth goddesses have informed you, there is a mass hardship upon the Earth presently.

Many have reported to you that our promises have been fulfilled. Energies have been coming to Earth on a regular basis. These energies have been coming from many parts of the cosmos, and they have been in answer to our promises to you. What we mean by this is that there was a plan to bring forth spiritual awareness among all lightworkers. Coupled with these events, you were sent the tools to actually shift electrical components in preparation for the division of the dimensions.

All had progressed as planned. We expected there would be enough time to allow the masses to awaken and for them to prepare the physical. The physical will not be prepared without the conscious cooperation of the human.

All past energies that you brought into this lifetime which held the memory of abuse and terror that was stuck in the energy body must be released. We work with you on this condition. In Chaos Before Creation we have given you ideas of how to release these stuck energies.

There are healers who are able to assist you in performing such energy work, and you are blessed if someone like this has crossed your path. For those who have not done such energy work and havenít cleared the physical of distortions in the emotional body, this must be completed before you are able to cross into the higher dimension. The emotions of love, acceptance, and gratitude will go far in releasing these distortions.

When one moves to a higher dimension with the physical body, the subtle bodies that surround the physical also stay with you, as this is a part of memory. This is necessary if one is to access all memories since the soul was created by Source. These memories are extremely important, because it is through memory that one creates using the unmanifested form of energy.

This memory is important. Creator gave each of you the ability to create form, which is a reflection of Its own ability. When you initially came to Earth, you carried these memories and, indeed, you created form from nothing, or so it seemed. What you were doing was taking unmanifested energy and bringing forth form from primordial memories using thought.

You lost this memory, and thus lost the ability to create in this manner, when Atlantis fell. After that you had to use brick and mortar, the hard solids that surround you on your plane such as all of the building materials you use to construct the things you need. True, you use thought to plan your projects, but you cannot build with thought and energy alone.

Once the division of the dimensions is completed, one must have the memory of creative thought in order to exist in the new dimension. Therefore, purging past traumas of guilt and hatred and all of the other negative emotions is of prime importance.

All of this has been said earlier by other individuals who have given our truths to our messenger, but I had to emphasize this again, because many have not purged these conditions. We can see these distortions in your energy body, and we are all too well aware that these distortions are carried by many of our lightworkers. We see you clearing your emotional body, but perhaps not quickly enough.

These distortions are like layers of an onion. Once you clear one layer, another layer surfaces, and the work must be continual. A sign that this work has been completed is that your health will improve, and conflict between those who share your life will slowly cease. You will have arrived at a state of harmlessness. The love force that is able to surface then will protect you from personal attack that could harm you physically in your temporal body or through any other physical means that would attach you to temporal suffering.

In a sense, you are slowly becoming invisible to the radar of negative forces. This becomes a quicker, smoother passage as you become more closely aligned to the forces of light and your God within. Most have not entered this state, and it is for this reason that I come to you and give you the pattern that must be followed.

Others before me have discussed these methods, but I come again because the time grows short. We are focusing on our lightworkers and know that there is much work to be done before you are ready. Think only of your desire to move with your brothers and sisters, and ask your angels to help you determine what needs to be done.

Your I Am presence can place the opportunities in your path to accomplish your deepest desires that align you with the light. So this is the first hurdle that you must pass. This desire must be foremost in your heart and mind. It cannot compete with the amassing of personal wealth. If your heartís foremost desire is personal wealth above all else, you close your heart to spiritual perfection. It is not that there is anything wrong with prosperity, as it is your due as a child of God, but rather, if this is the only focus in your life, you ignore your spiritual life as you close off your creative abilities to follow the path of perfection.

If you truly desire to move into the next dimension, then the next motivation that you will follow is to scan your physical body every day, preferably as you drift off to sleep. As Julius Caesar has mentioned in Chaos Before Creation, the physical has consciousness, and you can place your attention on every body part and feel the distortion and know that you must work on that part of the physical where you feel discomfort.

The human mind is such that you can become caught up in your daily routine and concerns so that you completely ignore the parts of your body that send those subtle signals in the beginning that there is a need for attention.

Many before me have said that awareness is the key, and I repeat it again because this is a truth that seems so simple, but it is of great importance. Become aware of your body. Become aware of your emotions. Anything that engenders fear or hatred of any sort, and that includes judgment, is something that you must work with and clear completely, and it must be started today if you havenít been doing this.

I must admit that some of the physical symptoms that you are experiencing are the result of the clearing of debris in the deeper layers of organs and cellular rejuvenation of the many systems in your body. Other symptoms are occurring because you are integrating new energy patterns that are coming to the planet. Deciding what symptom is occurring because of what distortion, or clearing patterns of energy adjustment can be confusing. This is where faith must be activated. I speak of faith in your angels, especially your guardian angel who has followed you since the creation of your soul, and the masters who work with you.

It is recorded that Jesus said, ďAsk and you shall receive.Ē This axiom is as true now as it was then. Ask, and your spiritual resources will bend over backward to help you. They extend their love to you. All you need do is to accept it.

I am Athena. I was among you in Atlantis and I am among you now. As I said earlier, Melchizedek called me here to work with you until the division is complete. I join my sword of protection with your blessed leader, Archangel Michael, and I say to you, now is the time to go forward; now is the time of your victory; now is the time of the light. Sometimes the light might seem hidden because there is so much trauma and negativity in your world as the struggle continues between the several forces that inhabit your beautiful Earth.

Follow the light that is in your soul. Follow the light that is your God. Follow the light that we hold for you, our friends. Be aware that there are forces that you must follow, and do it today, now. Now is the time of victory!

I hold my shield against tyranny. Yes, you see tyranny in your world, but it will be fleeting. Eternal life is just that, eternal. I am one who holds the door open for you; follow us.

Athena, your friend and companion to Archangel Michael

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