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Division of the Dimensions


Mother of Jesus, Mother of All
March 4, 2006

We wish to welcome you to our passageway to the goddess. I am the doorway; I am the threshold to the divine feminine. It was made so by the collection of spiritual hierarchy that gathered to discuss this new beginning of the human race.

This is, indeed, a new beginning, as it has been decreed by the Supreme Council of Galactic Sages that this part of the cosmos would be elevated beyond the negativity that has imbued this planet for such a long time. These members took human cries for deliverance and sent them on to the center of the cosmos where sits the Supreme Creator of all.

This Council of which I speak must monitor all thoughts and desires before they are passed on to the Supreme Creator. This is a means to make certain that error will not find its way to the Creator. This represents a checkpoint that has been set up by this Creator when the blueprint was first developed and integrated throughout all parts of existence.

I wanted to mention this to you so that you understand that whereas there is a central creating force, there are also checkpoints all along the way to make certain that life, as all creation understands it, is monitored by a plan that was designed in the very earliest stages of evolution.

You need to understand this so that you can understand what will come to Earth in the next several years. It is my decision that all of my children understand how the cosmos interacts with human thought and Creator decrees by way of the design of blueprint.

As you say, this planet is a planet of free will, but the second part of that statement, if it would be complete truth, is that free will can only be experienced as it integrates with the blueprint or creative plan of the Creator.

You must understand this concept if you are to move on to the next great experience which will be the dividing of the dimensions. This division is in the near future and not after another epoch of time and tribulation to my children on Earth. This division is on your doorstep.

Now I wish to take a moment to discuss what dividing of the dimensions entails. When someone you know dies, you see their body, but you know that there is a part of them that has moved on. You know they exist. Most of humanity has grown to accept this truth. All might not call that part that still exists a soul, but most understand that there is a part that survives.

This surviving part moves on to a level of existence that is relatively close to you who are left on Earth. This process has existed on your planet for a very long time. We will not go into the history of when this changed, but there was a time when the design of this planet was to allow individuals to live eternally with a connection to the physical. I leave this history in the hands of others to impart to you.

I wish to center my message around this division of dimensions, because I feel that this is the most important truth that I can give to you today. Soul can never be destroyed, and that is a truth. There are some periods that have not been evoked on this planet yet, whereby souls who are recalcitrant and refuse to align themselves with their God force within and with that force at the center of the cosmos that brought their soul into form can be restructured or reprogrammed.

Souls who are restructured are separated into their particles, so that memory is destroyed. Then the soul is restructured and imbued with the divine spark of love as they were originally created. They come forth as they did when first created. They carry the energies of total love again. It is possible for these souls to turn their back on their Creator again, but we have found from ancient records that this doesn’t usually happen.

Presently there are many souls on Earth who are of this recalcitrant nature. Your prisons and mental hospitals are full of them. They have no remorse for all of the evil that they spew out upon the world. They kill and maim and do not have a second look at their victims. They move on with complete vindication of their actions.

This will not be allowed again in the new Earth that is forming. It will not be tolerated, and the spiritual hierarchy for this planet and for this part of the cosmos has decreed that this abuse will stop.

The only way that we can control the interaction between these two groups is to divide them. This is because of the manner in which the divine blueprint has been structured, and we must follow divine blueprint first in all matters.

On this website, Archangel Michael has given you information that describes how the division of the dimensions will occur. He has described this in his Earth History, Past, Present, & Future and has graciously agreed to record his answers to your questions in the blog that exists at this website.

I would just like to say that the reflection of this beautiful planet grows, and a new place is being prepared for those who wish to follow the edict of love. When the new Earth is hardened—and what we simply mean by that is when all of the details are complete in this reflection—it will solidify so that humanity in their new bodies can exist upon this second Earth and be allowed to exercise their creative abilities again.

The design of this planet was to allow a co-creative effort between humanity and the creative forces to create matter. Simply said, humanity could use thought to connect to the raw material of energies, which combined would produce flora and fauna and eventually, when given these abilities, could move on to create animal life if so desired.

These abilities were curtailed, because there were errors that found their way into the thinking of humanity. Love became twisted so that hatred and control of the masses were held by a small part of humanity so that there was total destruction of your planet. I don’t mean that your planet became uninhabitable, but rather that your planet fell in consciousness as the human lifestream that lived upon its surface fell in consciousness.

There is a direct link between the consciousness of all; not only your Earth and the people who inhabit it, but also the waves of your consciousness that veer out and encompass all in its path until those thoughts dissipate. To make my words more clear, I will put it another way. Your thoughts, whether they are warring or whether they are peaceful, reach other planets and find their way to your space brothers and sisters.

If your thoughts are of a lower nature than those of your space brothers and sisters, then these beings must by way of design protect themselves from your negative thoughts. They must make the effort to shield themselves from your destructive thoughts. This is one reason they are making an effort to help elevate you to a higher spiritual understanding. They understand that they can help you and help themselves and all those who have an interest in this part of the cosmos by helping you in your spiritual enlightenment.

They have plied your sky, observing and correcting problems of a physical nature. Humanity does not understand the destruction caused by their negative thinking. Atomic endeavors, whereby atoms are split to either create electrical energy or to detonate a bomb, cause particles to fly out into the cosmos. These particles bombard other structures, planets and stars, other space craft and cause destruction. These wayward particles change the structure of all life that they bombard.

The Universal Galactic Committee has declared that this must stop, and they have given orders that detonations of this nature must be contained on your planet. They have decreed that wars using these weapons of mass destruction will be contained, even if galactic beings must appear on your planet and destroy the munitions plants that develop such weapons. This is a recent decision, as more of your countries are becoming involved in such creations. Your leaders feel that this is the only way that prosperity can spread on your planet. They are so involved with the thought that the world can only exist on fossil fuels that they see a connection between atomic development and the continuation of fossil fuel usage.

This shortsightedness has changed our timeline to seeing that the division of the two Earths be hastened. Therefore, the spiritual hierarchy has begun an emergency effort of assisting Gaia to develop her new Earth at an even faster pace than originally planned.

This is the reason why we have taken the unprecedented action of speaking in a direct voice to you. Historically, we have allowed evolution and inspiration to move your people towards spiritual enlightenment. We understand that there is not enough time to allow this method of developing to occur, because the effort would come too late. The division of the dimensions separating the two Earths would occur before you had time to assimilate this knowledge through the usual channels.

You can believe my words, or you can refuse them. Earth is following her blueprint, as it is the law. As Archangel Michael has told you in his work, Gaia has only a few tools to prepare herself for her own purification. They are wind, fire, tectonic plate action, and water. There is nothing else that she can use to throw off all of the destruction that humanity has foisted upon her.

Human consciousness has not changed very much. There is a warring faction, along with complete corruption in your government/political structures and corporate madness, garnering as much control of the people as possible. This becomes part of the Earth’s consciousness, also, and causes great stress and unbalance in the planet’s ability to function.

There is a delicate balance among all of the functions of Earth. You have taken her for granted. She has tried to serve you, but her strength is being depleted. We have tried to warn you. Many of the members of the spiritual hierarchy have asked for energy work through meditations, and our lightworkers have tried to answer our requests. You have endeavored to send the purple flame to the Earth, but the results have not been sufficient to balance this planet. Earth’s consciousness still labors beyond her endurance.

Stress is building up beneath your plate system; it has been building for over the last year. The tsunami caused the planet to change its axis ever so slightly, and that means that since the Earth is a spinning orb, all of the layers of rock beneath the plate system have had to be restructured. Since the planet is such a large orb, even though the axis change was very slight, the restructuring beneath her surface was very great, indeed.

Now, I know that you have been receiving information that has described the new energies that have come to Earth over the last several years and in great significance very recently. These energies have been working on the human component that has been ready to cooperate with them, and these energies are preparing humanity for the division of the dimensions.

However, these energies have not been able to rebalance the planet. They have not been able to clear the Earth of its pollution, nor have they been able to fill in the empty spaces that oil depletion has caused internally within the planet. Unfortunately, these new energies have not been able to change the hearts of those who refuse to love.

Continue to send the purple flame to Earth. Continue to send love and thanksgiving to Gaia. She needs this. But we say to you to prepare yourself for what is coming. If you are to move on to the new Earth, then you must fill your physical vehicle with the love force. You must open your heart to love and compassion in a manner that, perhaps, you may not have encountered in the past.

Your angels are some of your best friends. Ask them to open up your heart to your Creator, and once your heart is opened, you will be able to follow an alignment that leads to your God within, and that higher part of your soul can then follow a line to the Supreme Creator in the center of the cosmos.

Archangel Michael has informed you that this January there was an energy that came to your planet that is preparing your physical body for the raising of the kundalini force. It is the beginning of your awareness of what is beyond you. This awareness will connect you to the new Earth. It is awareness that will help you to drop away from your ego and reconnect to the spiritual life that is outside of you.

Ego was necessary in the early development of humanity on this planet. You needed to be individuals in order to experiment and manipulate energies so that you could create with them according to the blueprint as it was developed for this planet. But now it is necessary to set aside ego and become part of the Oneness of creation. You have succeeded in becoming individual, and now it is time to become a part of the ocean of life again.

The dark does not desire this. The dark wishes to stay separate in order to control and dominate. It is for this reason that the division of dimensions will be in full operation soon.

There is a plan for everyone. Do not be fearful. We are with you, and we will lead you to the new Earth. Everyone is supported. Divisions occur only because there are differences in desire. All you have to do is to desire spiritual reunion with your loving partners who wish to align themselves with their God. That is all that is necessary; however, it is required that a decision be made.

There will be no error of thought allowed to make its way to the new Earth. This is a place of love and cooperation only. Nothing else will be allowed. God created the cosmos to operate on the love energy alone, and you will make your way there if you are love.

My children—and I feel you are my children—I am the mother of the human race. I feel towards you like any mother feels towards her children. I want what is best for you. I stand beside you and hold out my hand towards you. I understand only too well what is in your future. I see your future on the screen of probability. This screen is an energy screen, and we can see this energy as it relates to your planet. Human thought and deed has an energy equivalent, and that energy flows to an end result. Unless thought and deed are changed, these possibilities result in probabilities and will be carried out.

We do not see that there is enough time to change these probabilities unless there is a grand epiphany in human thought. This is possible, but not probable at this moment in time.

Examine each of your reactions to others and your intentions towards your brothers and sisters. Were you serving others, or were you serving self? If you were just serving self, then your love is of a quality that needs to be upgraded. If you struggle in this, then turn towards your God and ask your angels to help you become aware of your actions and the intentions behind them.

It is our intention to come back with the other goddesses to give you reports of current events and the reactions of humanity and Mother Earth.

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